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With over 10 years experience, Kevin offers end-to-end video production, 4.6K, 4K, Ultra HD and 1080p filming, multi-camera and video editing to clients in broadcast, corporate, charities, business and natural history.

Whether you need a short web promo, multi-camera event coverage, location-based editing, interviews, or long-form documentaries, interactive / looped video installations. Kevin can handle pretty much everything you can throw at him - just pick up the phone to discuss your needs.

Kevin Babey BA (Hons) works independently and with other professionals to offer a full range of video production services to meet your outsourced video production needs.

Call Kevin today for calendar availability and pricing: 07818 411880

Video production

  • 4.6K, 4K, Ultra HD & Full HD Filming
  • Better than Broadcast Quality
  • Multi-cam Filming
  • UAV / Drone Filming
  • Corporate / Documentaries
  • Camera Operators
  • Vision Mixing
  • Auto-cue / Tele-prompter
  • Producer / Director

Post production

  • Non-Linear Video Editing
  • FCPX & DaVinci Resolve
  • On-Location Editing
  • Chroma-key
  • Colour Correction
  • Colour Grading
  • Broadcast Safe
  • Audio Mixing

Digital delivery

  • Fully Digital Workflow
  • Digital Dailies
  • ProRes Masters
  • Encoding iPad, iPhone, iPod
  • Encoding for BluRay & DVD
  • FTP, Disc or HDD Delivery

Some of our clients

English Heritage National Trust Southampton University Shangri-la

UK Mobile: 07818 411880

Image of Kevin

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